GPC has a rich history and has developed a number of cherished traditions during the worship services. Sunday mornings are full of activities including Sunday school for children and adults, choir rehearsals, nursery services, special events, and of course, worship. It is our tradition to begin worship each Sunday at 11:00 a.m. in our sanctuary.


One of our most welcoming traditions is that of Communion. Communion is offered every week to anyone who cares to partake. Congregation members are invited to the communion table and the bread and wine are given to each person who wishes to partake in the gifts of God.


All services at GPC incorporate music into our worship of God. We have both a full pipe organ and a grand piano, which are each used throughout the service. Our Choir sings an Anthem each week and joins the congregation in singing several hymns throughout each service. Hymns are generally selected from the two hymnals we use, the Presbyterian Hymnal (which we call “The Blue Book) and Sing a New Creation (which we call “The Green Book).  We are also often able to incorporate music from guest performers of both vocal and instrumental music.


Many of our services incorporate some element of learning and scholarship. Being a member of a larger campus ministry, we recognize that commitment through a number of different Bible study classes, seminars and through our continuing quest for understanding the word of God.

Gender-Neutral Language

During our services, you will notice that we at GPC often avoid naming God as either “he” or “she.” We believe rather that gender-neutral language in reference to the Almighty is most inclusive of God’s expansive presence that cannot be contained by our limited understanding of gender.


Following service, several of our members often like to continue their fellowship by sharing a meal. The Deacons occasionally offer an informal lunch in the kitchen after the service, or we often go out for lunch at one of Tuscaloosa’s many affordable restaurants. This is a tradition that allows us to share each others’ company and good taste!