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COVID-19: How Can I Help?

I love hearing from you that you want to help the community during the pandemic. Here are some resources and requests we've collected from community organizations in West Alabama. As you hear of additional volunteer efforts please post them on our Facebook page or share them with the office.




Text to Help the Census!

If you would like to help Alabama improve our census participation you can contact Mike Nicholson at  [email protected].  He will provide you with information which will allow you to help with the census via texting.

Presently Alabama is at 61% participation in the census.  This is below the national average. 


Poll Workers Needed

There is an urgent need for poll workers in Tuscaloosa for the upcoming November 3rd general election.  It is imperative that everyone who is eligible to vote is afforded his/her opportunity to cast a vote in November.  You can help make this happen by volunteering as a poll worker in Tuscaloosa.  To volunteer please call one of the numbers listed below and your name will be placed on a list for training. 

Circuit Clerk Office  205-464-8259
Election Office  205-464-8487
Probate Judge Office  205-464-8200


Meals on Wheels

The United Way is coordinating weekday deliveries for Meals on Wheels. They need drivers for these weekday shifts. Contact the United Way of West Alabama at  205-345-6640


Letter Writing Campaigns

Each month, the Mission, Peace and Justice Committee identifies an issue around which we can raise our voices together to advocate for change. We believe that a life of faith requires us to stand up for justice.

While you are stuck at home, we invite you to join us in our current letter writing campaign.

Current Campaign:

Our current campaign is a campaign on behalf of the United States Postal Service.

Click here to participate.


Emergency Food Bags

Each emergency bag includes a breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two adults. We distribute these bags to anyone who needs them at any time that the office is open.

Demand for these bags has increased, and we appreciate your help. Click here for information about what goes in an emergency food bag.


Financial Assistance

The Matthew 25 Fund is used at the pastor's discretion to aid community members in need of financial assistance. It helps with things like utility bills, rent, etc.

Pastor Cathy's ability to help those who ask is dependent on donations to this fund. Click here to donate to Grace and designate your gift for Matthew 25.


Research Participation

UAB is tracking symptoms and the spread of COVID-19 across the deep South. To help, check in daily at whether you feel sick or not!

The Henne Group (a Market Research company in San Francisco), in collaboration with the Vanderbilt Center for Medicine, Health, and Society, is studying the impact of COVID-19 on LGBTQ communities. Participants must be 18 years of age or older. Participation is voluntary and strictly confidential. Take the 10-15 minute survey here:

Alabama is lagging behind other states in census completion. If you have not already completed your 2020 census, please do so at