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"Embodied Light, Advent Reflections on the Incarnation"

Written by Melissa Tidwell, Embodied Light invites you to explore the meaning of incarnation: the miracle of our Creator choosing to become human and what it means to be human.

"Melissa works with the theme of Incarnation--the notion that God takes on human flesh in Jesus. She explores this idea from every angle. Each reading is incredibly accessible. She grounds each day of Advent in a passage of Scripture (which is not in the book, so you have to have your Bible nearby), and 2 pages of open-ended, open-handed thinking. It's all invitational. She gives you questions to think about, prayers to offer. All of it stays connected around the miracle and mystery of our God-given bodies. The Word becomes flesh. Yours and mine." Rev. David LewickiEmbodied Light

Led by Sherry Kimbro, this study will continue through Dec. 20th meeting Sunday mornings, 9:45, in the Vallery-Winter Student Center.