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UPC Maundy Thursday Service

Thursday, 3/24, 6:00 PM we will gather in the Fellowship Hall for a light meal of soup, bread, and fruit before joining together in remembering the events of Maundy Thursday through foot-washing and communion.

The name Maundy (mandatum or commandment) Thursday is taken from John 13: 34, “I give you a new commandment; and also from John 13: 14-17 and the commandment of Christ that we should imitate his loving humility in the washing of feet.

 The practice of foot-washing in first-century Palestine may have been as common as when today a host helps guests take off their coats, a waiter seats diners, or a driver holds the taxi door open for passengers. Hospitality underlies all such welcoming gestures. …What is startling if not jolting about the foot-washing story in John is not the act of foot-washing, but the identity of the servant who washed others’ feet — Jesus, God-with-us, the least likely person.

On this night we will also remember and celebrate the final supper Jesus shared with his disciples prior to his arrest.

Maundy Thursday