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UPC's 50th Anniversary History Hunt/Work Day

Saturday, Apr. 23 you are invited to a UPC History Hunt.  We need volunteers to:
1)      Look through history of session minutes
2)      Look through past worship bulletins
3)      Look through scrapbooks
4)      Look through photographs
5)      Look through past directories and Dedication of Student Center invitation list
6)      Look for old newsletters (“Coordinates”)
7)      Look for videos (Ron Gilmer’s interviews, Student Center dedication, 35th UPC Anniversary, church services)
We need a few people to begin collecting items on the above list (whatever you are interested in). Please join me in this special hunt through UPC’s history! Let me know if you can come and what you are interested in doing. Thanks.  Denise Yanuara, Chair- Anniversary Planning Committe

history hunt