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April 2016 Exploratory Committee Report

April 19, 2016

UPC/CPC Exploratory Committee Meeting, University Presbyterian Church library


Attending: Mary Jane Watson, Frank Deaver, John Dixon, David Cannon, Sandy Wolfe, Cathy Hoop, Neil McCarter, Natalie Adams, Adam Miller, and by phone Annabel Stephens and Ben Acton.

Frank Deaver began the meeting with a devotional. We then did a check in in which committee members shared developments in their respective churches, including both negative and positive comments.  It was clear from this sharing of information that the concerns and hopes of each of the congregations parallel each other. Cathy and Ben reported that the Presbytery approved both congregations holding a congregational meeting on June 12 to vote on the merger.  We are working on the wording of the motion.  We agreed that each of the Sessions should take care of the logistics of the congregational meeting. This means making sure that members who want to participate remotely (via SKYPE or conference call) can do so. We will need to make sure we have appropriate technology. We also agreed that the Sessions should widely publicize the congregational meeting and its purpose – which is to vote on the merger.  The June 12 congregational meeting is NOT the place for hammering out details.  If there is an affirmative vote,  a steering committee with members from both churches will work on the Plan of Union.  Our next meeting will be May 17 at 7:15 at CPC.