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Session Summary May 2016

Session Summary

A regular meeting of the UPC Session was held on Wednesday, May 18 at 5:30 pm.

We light the Christ candle, are called to order, and approve the agenda.

Session Members Present: Cathy Andreen, Becki Evans, Jerry Lamme, Ralph Lane, Adam Miller, Chris Poole, Darryl Thornton, Nicole Varnado and Sandy Wolfe.

Moderator: Cathy Hoop, Clerk: Nancy DuPree

We shared pastoral joys and concerns, were led in a devotional by Jerry Lamme and offered God our praise and thanksgiving.

 We received an update from UPC/CPC Exploratory Committee:

  • CPC will have a More Light Presbyterians information session on Sunday, May 22 at 9:30. (Darry Thornton will share his personal perspective on the significance of More Light, and UPC’s history as a More Light congregation.)

  • The committee agreed that it would be meaningful for both congregations to celebrate More Light Sunday as planned on June 5, and to have the service at Covenant Presbyterian. This allows CPC to experience a More Light service, and allows UPC to be assured that these services will continue if union takes place.

  • If vote is positive on June 12, the two congregations will continue the twice monthly worship services on 1st and 3rd with coffee fellowship after service. (Exception: July 3, worshiping at Brown Memorial)

  • June 12 Congregational Meeting plan was discussed:

      • 15 min. bio break/setting up virtual meeting via Blackboard

      • Reconvene with prayer

      • Motion is made and floor is opened for discussion

      • Upon completion of discussion, the question is called

      • Paper ballots are distributed (see motion below).

      • Phone votes are received by those participating remotely

      • Votes are counted by Rev. Joe Scrivner, Brown Memorial

      • Result is shared with congregation and communicated with CPC

  • Session approved the wording for the motion for the vote on June 12:

Be it hereby resolved that University Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa, AL merge with Covenant Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa, AL to operate as a new church with a new name at the location of 113 Hargrove Rd., Tuscaloosa, AL 35401. Be it further resolved that the Session at University Presbyterian Church appoint 4 members to serve on an Administrative Commission for Merger with 4 members selected by Covenant Presbyterian Church to create a Plan for Union that will guide the two congregations through the merger process.

Additional items:

  • Food Pantry will be open on June 14 and July 12 – our first “official” summer dates!

  • We will register with and donate $100 to the organization in support of their advocacy for GLBTQA individuals. By registering we will be in the database as a safe faith community. MyOutSpirit is promoting June 24 – 26 as a weekend to visit an open and affirming faith community.

  • The finance committees of UPC and CPC will meet to exchange information. Budgets, P & L statements, etc.

The motion was made to adjourn, and Cathy closed the meeting with a prayer.