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May 2016 Exploratory Committee Summary

On Tuesday, May 17 the UPC/CPC Exploratory Committee met for its final meeting before the June 12th vote. All members were present except Frank Deaver (in route to Europe) and Ben Acton. The meeting was held at Covenant. We began the meeting with our usual “check in.” Most of the discussion centered around the May 11 joint discussion held at UPC.  The members thought that overall it was a good discussion; it gave  congregants opportunities to ask questions, share their concerns, and a chance to “air what was on their heart.”  Committee members also felt like it was helpful in clarifying the process that we have gone through thus far and what to expect in the future.  We approved the following motion for presentation at the June 12 congregational meeting.

Be it hereby resolved that Covenant (University) Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa, AL merge with University (Covenant) Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa, AL to operate as a new church with a new name at the location of 113 Hargrove Rd., Tuscaloosa, AL 35401. Be it further resolved that the Session at Covenant (University) Presbyterian Church appoint 4 members to serve on a Administrative Commission with 4 members selected by the session of University (Covenant) Presbyterian Church to create a Plan for Union that will guide the two congregations through the merger process.

We also decided on the logistics of the meeting.  The session is responsible for making sure that people who are not physically present can participate virtually in the meeting and vote.  It was suggested that Matt Smith be contacted to set up “Go to Meeting" for CPC. Leslie Poss is working with Melissa Greene to set up a Blackboard session for UPC. Claire Nichols, an elder at First Presbyterian Church and former member of the COM, will count the votes at Covenant. Rev. Joe Scrivner will be present for UPC.  It will be a secret ballot in which members can either vote “for” or “against” the motion.    Neil and Cathy, as moderators, will set the parameters of the meetings.

On June 5 we will worship at CPC on our regular schedule. It will be a More Light service.  We will have coffee and dessert afterwards.  If there is an affirmative vote for the merger from both congregations, we agreed that we would recommend to the session that we continue worshipping together the 1st and 3rd Sunday following the same rotation, except on July 3 both congregations will worship at Brown Memorial Presbyterian.  Annabel Stephens closed the meeting with a devotional and prayer.