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Naming Our NEW Church

Remember, July 17th is the deadline for making recommendations.

In the Bible, new names carry great significance, symbolizing transformation and new life. Now that Covenant and UPC have voted yes to merging into one congregation, we are in need of a new name for the church we will become. We invite you to share your name suggestions by July 17th. There are multiple ways for voicing your suggestions:
--Call UPC's or Covenant's office to share your name proposal over the phone

--Suggestion boxes will be present at both Covenant and UPC; you can write your idea down on a slip of paper and submit it there next time you visit

--Submit your name proposal online. The link below leads to an online suggestion box where you can submit as many proposed names as you like; feel free to include an explanation for why you think you think your name would be a good fit for our new church. You may leave your submission anonymous if you like, or include your name. Here is the link to this online suggestion box:'s in a name