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Merger News Update August 2016

Minute for Merger

August 28, 28016


  • The Presbytery has named the members of the administrative commission:

    • Ben Acton, Teaching Elder, Southminster Presbyterian, PSL COM

    • Claire Nichols, Ruling Elder, First Presbyterian

    • Mark McCormick, Teaching Elder, Stillman Professor

    • Donna Winn, Ruling Elder, Brown Memorial

    • Bill Stribling, Board of Trustees

    • Rush Watson (ex-officio), Board of Trustees

  • Neil McCarter and the CPC session decided that his last day as stated supply pastor will be October 31, 2016. They have initially decided on a 6-month period during which Neil will be away, as is customary for departing pastors. This timeframe is an initial suggestion and must be confirmed by the PSL COM. It could be longer or shorter depending on a variety of factors. More info to come as it is clear.

  • The personnel committee has conducted interviews with most staff members and will soon prepare a formal recommendation to the MSC for the new staffing structure of the new church.

  • Several joint committees have met including: Mission, Evangelism, Peace, and Justice (MEPJ), Communications, Personnel, Worship, Building & Grounds, Christian Education. Members of both churches are encouraged to engage in the work of these combined committees. A survey will soon go out so you can identify which committees you might like to serve with.

  • The joint Building and Grounds committee has conducted an in-depth tour of Covenant and has begun identifying a number of possible updates and changes. While there will be provisions made for honoring and preserving the history of both churches, it will be important that all signage and décor reflects the fact that the building will now be the home of a new congregation with a new name.

  • A plan has been approved by both sessions for the formation of the new session:

    • The new session will initially have 12 members.

    • The 8 members of the MSC will serve as the first 2 classes (2017, 2018) and will immediately roll off for a minimum of 1 year.

    • 2 UPC members and 2 CPC members will be elected at the end of this year and become the class of 2019 for the new church and will be eligible for up to 2 full 3-year terms

    • The class of 2020 will comprised of 2 former UPC members and 2 former CPC members.

    • After that, each new class will be elected without regard to previous church membership.

  • The MSC is making a formal motion to both sessions that October worship adhere to the following schedule:

    • 9 – UPC 50th Anniversary @ UPC

    • 16 – Service Honoring Neil at CPC

    • 23 – Final service at CPC in a.m.; Final service at UPC in p.m.

    • 30 – Commence worshipping jointly at Hargrove road location every week

  • The Plan of Union is well underway, and the MSC expects to be able to present it to Presbytery for approval at their November meeting. Once it is approved, our congregations will be officially joined.

  • The name of our new congregation is… GRACE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH

Grace Presbyterian