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Moment for Merger, Sept. 18

Moment for Merger

September 18, 2016

Martha Bace

Memorials and Dedications

Most of you know me, but for those that don’t, my name is Martha Bace and I’m a member of Covenant.  I am also a member of the Merger Steering Committee

Last week in his Moment for Merger, Darryl briefly mentioned memorials and dedications when he talked about the inventories currently underway in both physical spaces as we prepare to become one new body in Christ.

The Merger Steering Committee has charged me with documenting – as much as possible – the gifts, memorials, and dedicated items for both congregations.  I will be documenting not only the physical gifts and memorials (statuary, furniture, communion ware, books, etc.), but also any monetary bequest, contribution, or endowment.  Talk about a mountain of work!!

To get started on this, I have already talked with Rita Denson and Leslie Poss, the administrative assistants at Covenant and University Pres respectively.

But this is a big job, and at the moment, I am a committee of one.  I’m sure you know the old adage – many hands make light work – so I am here today to ask for your help in identifying and documenting as many of these memorials and dedications as possible.  We will delve into the records, prowl through storage areas, stare at illegible handwriting, looking for any information we can find.

I realize that the records most likely will have gaps so it is going to take some time to complete this task.  However, once it is complete we will be able to fill in those gaps and have the opportunity to develop and put into place best practices for maintaining records of dedications and memorials to the new church.

So, like Natalie asked a few weeks ago, what can you do?  Well, first and foremost for me, join me!!  If you are interested in helping to dig through church records and minutes, see me after church!  I will welcome your help!  If you know – or even just think you know – something about a gift or memorial – let me know!  If you know of a former member who might have some helpful information – get me their contact information.  I hope that, with your help, this mountain will become a molehill.