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Adult Christian Formation Options

Sunday Morning Adult Christian Formation Options

The “Faith and Life Class” meets in the library every Sunday at 9:30 except on the third Sunday of the month (Meals on Wheels Sunday). This Biblical-based study is designed to provide a better understanding of what we as Christians can do to serve the Lord and find our place on this Earth.

The “Issues Class” meets in the session room at 9:30 for coffee and doughnuts, followed at 9:45 for Sunday School. Using DVDs, the class explores religiously related subjects by noted authors.

The "Wired Word" meets in the Wilds' Building at 9:45.  This week we have taken note of the extraordinary visit of Pope Francis to Sweden in honor of the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. For our next class, we will explore how relations between Catholics and Protestants have changed over the years, and ask what the scriptures have to say about conflict and unity within the worldwide church.