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Chartering Grace Presbyterian Church

Chartering Grace Presbyterian! Mark your calendars for Sunday, January 8th, as we will be declared "Grace Presbyterian" by our Presbytery.  The morning's events include:

10:00 Chartering of Grace Presbyterian

  • All members of University and Covenant Presbyterian Churches are invited to gather in the sanctuary to sign our charter and become founding members of Grace.

  • All baptized adults who are not currently members of either congregation and wish to be founding members of Grace will be introduced and welcomed into membership, and will also sign the charter.

11:00 Worship

  • During worship, the charter will be presented to Rev. Jay Wilkins, Transitional Presbyter for the Presbytery of Sheppards and Lapsley and he will declare us a congregation!

  • The new elders of Grace Presbyterian will be ordained and/or installed for service.

  • Those desiring baptism will be received.

After Worship

  • The charter will be available to be signed by those who could not be present at 10:00.

  • A brief congregational meeting will be held to approve the pastor's terms of call.