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February 2017 Session Summary

Grace Presbyterian

Session Summary, February 23, 2017, 5:30 pm


Members present: Natalie Adams, Becki Evans, Linda Grote, Lee Keyes, Patrick Sprunger, Darryl Thornton, Rush Watson, and Sandy Wolfe Members excused: Susan Benke, Adam Miller, and Bill Shoemaker. Guest: Garry Warren. Clerk: Martha Bace. Moderator: Cathy Hoop


We light the Christ candle, are called to order, and approve the agenda.

                After the lighting of the Christ candle, Cathy called the meeting to order.

Opening:  Becki  offered a devotional, a piece called “A Spiritual Conspiracy.”


Committee Updates and Action Items:


Finance Committee

Reporting for the Finance Committee, Rush reminded everyone that Sunday is Stewardship Commitment Sunday and encouraged the Session to be among the first to go forward during the service to offer our pledges and Time and Talent sheets.  He also explained the new “Request for Payment” forms and the procedure for getting reimbursed for church expenditures.

  1. The Finance Committee recommended the passage of resolutions required by the investment companies to transfer the University Presbyterian investments to Grace Presbyterian. Garry Warren briefly explained the documents.  The motion passed unanimously.

  2. Finance Committee also recommended the approval of application for three church credit cards to be used by Pastor, Chairperson Buildings and Grounds, and Director of Christian Formation.

Building & Grounds Committee

The Building & Grounds Committee recommended the church purchase a new three phase grill/griddle for kitchen at a cost not to exceed $2000.00. The price quoted was $1,653.48 (which includes a 2 year warranty).  The motion passed unanimously.

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee recommended that Grace’s Director of Music and Worship Arts work with Allegro Music Company to trade UPC's two pianos for a refurbished grand of an appropriate size for Grace’s sanctuary.  The motion passed unanimously.

Mission, Peace, and Justice Committee

Lee reported that the MPJ Committee will meet during UA’s spring break to continue discussing what it might mean to be an official Sanctuary Community.  They will have two speakers and the meeting will be open to non-committee members.


Pastor’s Report

  • Cathy announced the members of the Pneumatrix team are: Jim Taylor, Gilley Presley, Linda Grote, Lee Keyes, Brooke Peterson, Natalie, Adams, and Kristi Dowdle.

  • Cathy asked that her involvement in a Tuscaloosa ecumenical ministries partnership called Macedonian Ministries be approved. It is a three year partnership among  local ministers who will meet once a month, and includes  a trip to the Holy Land.  The motion passed unanimously.

  • Cathy reported that Jim Taylor has volunteered to do our yardwork.

  • Cathy read a letter from Bill Stribling, member of the Administrative Commission and Presbytery’s Board of Trustees, congratulating Grace on the merger and saying what a blessing it was to watch the “birth of a new church.”

The meeting was closed with a prayer.