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March 2017 Session Summary

Grace Presbyterian

Session Summary

March 26, 2017


Members present: Natalie Adams, Susan Benke, Becki Evans, Linda Grote, Lee Keyes, Patrick Sprunger, Darryl Thornton, and Sandy Wolfe. Members excused: Adam Miller and Rush Watson

Guests: Kacey & Chris Davenport and Rubye Harrison

Clerk: Martha Bace, Moderator: Cathy Hoop


The meeting was called to order, the Christ candle was lit, and the meeting was opened with a devotional on Psalm 23.

The Session joyfully welcomed Kacey & Chris Davenport, who joined as regular members (Kacey by baptism and Chris by reaffirmation of faith); Rubye Harrison, Rebecca Minder’s mother, joined as an affiliate member. We approved the baptisms of Kacey, and Chris & Kacey’s sons, Cooper, Peter and Silas.

  • Merger check-in

Cathy asked the Session if we are interested in having another opportunity to have small group discussions on the merger, led by the same group that facilitated the discussions before the merger for UPC.  The Session authorized Cathy to contact Lane McLelland to set up the discussion.


Committee Updates and Action Items:

  • Stewardship/ Finance Committee – In Rush’s absence, Cathy presented the results of the Time and Talent Survey and reminded committee chairs to follow up with those who indicated interests.

  • Worship Committee – Sandy reported that the Worship Committee has set dates for home communion and usher training: home communion will be done on the 4th Sunday of every month (Later changed to 1st Sunday) and there will be an orientation meeting for those interested on April 23rd; usher training will be on April 29th from 9:00am – 11:00am and will include CPR and AED training.

  • Mission, Peace, and Justice Committee – Lee reported that the committee’s discussions about the possibility of becoming a Sanctuary Church have been very good; it is a very complex and complicated topic and more discussion will be necessary.

  • Christian Formation Committee – Natalie reported on the Easter plans, including a pot luck breakfast, fun Easter activities, and an Easter egg hunt.

The meeting was closed with prayer.