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Nursery Care
(children 3 and under)

We are happy to provide nursery care to children 3 and under during Sunday worship. For now, we ask that you RSVP to [email protected] if you will need nursery care.

Please let us know by noon on the Thursday prior to worship, so we can engage the proper staffing.

Children in Worship
(all ages)

As always, children of all ages are welcome in worship. The Prayground, our dedicated space for preschoolers, 5 yrs old and younger, is open. And, we will still have worship activity bags for children to take back to their seats each week.

Bags may include books, activity sheets, coloring pages, crayons/pencils/markers, and more. Contents are offered at multiple age-levels and changed weekly to match the themes/topics of worship.

Connecting to Wifi in the Sanctuary

To make it easier for you to access our new online tools, we're happy to provide the password to the sanctuary's WiFi.

As you enter, there will be a QR code you can scan to join the network, or join manually.

SSID: BaseStation3.2
Password: gpc45793

Re-Imagine Sanctuary and Connection

Return to Grace: Safe Return Procedures


Safety Procedures

updated January 2022

Virtual worship will continue. If you are uncomfortable returning or unable to return, you can continue to participate from home. Worship will still stream live on Facebook and be archived to YouTube.

Masks will be required at all times. Because we want to return with as much normalcy as possible, we will ask you to wear a mask throughout the service. This means we will be able to safely allow congregational singing. If you forget your mask at home, we will have some available for you.

Children are still, and will always be, welcome. We will continue to provide nursery care and worship activities for children, with some changes. See Nursery Care and Children in Worship for details.

Respect the comfort and boundaries of others. Some of us will return ready to hug, shake hands, and otherwise make physical contact. Some of us will still be uncomfortable being so close to others. If you are uncomfortable with physical contact, please make a two-finger peace sign as others approach, so we will know to give you your space. If you are approaching someone and they give the peace sign, respect their boundary, and keep your distance with a smile or wave.

We will not hand out worship bulletins (except for large print). You can follow the service on the screens in our sanctuary or visit for a link to a digital bulletin which you can print yourself before you come or follow on your phone or other device. Scan our QR code as you enter the sanctuary to access the bulletin and our online giving portal!

Communion will be different. You will approach a communion station where you will be given a pre-cut piece of bread and a small cup of juice. Take the communion elements back to your seat, and we will wait and receive communion together.

We will not pass the offering plate. Offering plates will be available at the door where you can drop your offering. Or you can continue to give online (remember the 3 ways to give!). You will be able to scan a QR code at the door to reach our online giving portal.