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Faith Formation

Where Faith Comes to Life

“At Grace Presbyterian Church we seek to offer more than Christian education.  Too often the word, “education,” carries the connotation of information or expertise.  Christian formation does educate, but it also engages the whole person—intellect,
passions, and spirit—in a process and practice of Christian maturity. It seeks to form or shape a meaningful way of being Christian and putting Christian faith into practice in the world.

With all ages we encourage everyone to be both a learner and a practitioner.  The young in age and newcomers are learning about faith, growing into congregants, and putting faith in to practice. And those who have been around for a while are learning
how to teach, support, and “equip the saints.” 

- Diane Butler Bass, Process, Not Program: Christian Faith Formation for Vital Congregations.


Toddlers: (Ages 1 to 3)


Growing in Grace & Gratitude.  Children begin to learn stories of God’s love by watching, listening, playing, and exploring in the context of a faith community.

MEETS: Infant/Nursery Room


Children (Pre-K to 4th grade)


Rotation Sunday School. The Rotation Model is based upon weekly workshops. Over a period of 4-6 weeks the children engage a single Bible story via a variety of workshops: art, cooking, drama, games, science, storytelling, and/or video.  The children are divided into Younger: Pre-K, K, and 1st Grades and Older: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grades. 

This year’s theme is On the Road with God. Get ready to log the mileage as we travel to Egypt, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Rome, and more. 

MEETS: Rotation Sunday School rotates among the Blue, Bright, and Garden Rooms.  Signs are posted each week with classroom designations.


Middle School (5th grade to 7th grade)


ConnectionsThis class, specifically designed for those in grades 5-6-7, engages preteens in God's big story.  We will journey through the Old and New Testaments and discover themes that run throughout Scripture. During each lesson, preteens discover a theme through watching a witty video, explore up to four biblical texts, and create projects that range from games to art and more.

MEETS:  Youth Room.  Teachers: Sherry Kimbro and Gary Minder


High School/College/Adults


February 2020

The Wired Word links the latest headlines and current events with appropriate Scripture generating animated discussion. An introduction to each week’s lesson is forwarded to participants.  Please email [email protected] to add your address to the email list. This group meets in the conference room.  Rob Spencer, facilitator.


March 2020

Art and Faith Conversations.  Through scripture and art we will explore this year’s Gospel stories of Lent: 

  • Mar. 1 Satan Tempts Jesus  in the Desert
  • Mar. 8 Nicodemus Comes to Jesus at Night
  • Mar. 15 The Samaritan Woman at the Well
  • Mar. 22 The Man Born Blind
  • Mar. 29  Lazarus is Raised from the Dead

These sessions will be co-led by Rev. Cathy Hoop and Dr. Lucy Curzon.  Dr. Curzon is an Associate Professor of Art History, Contemporary and Modern, at the Univ. of AL. This group will meet in the conference room.